Basic data

  • SensoStar mechanical meter, single-jet flow converter;
  • measuring accuracy according to EN1434: Class 2;
  • Temperature range: 1°C – 130°C;
  • MID Certificate: DE-07-M1004-PTB025
  • Available in Compact version for mounting in hardly accessible places

Technical data

DiameterFlow (Metrologic class)Operating temp.Max. pressureMax. pressure lossLengthThread sizeWeigth
150,61,21290 (120)16100110G 3/4 B0,80
151,53,030110G 3/4 B0,80
202,55,050130G 1 B1,00

All data according to EN ISO 14154 and MID Certificate


  • available in Compact version;
  • rotary, multi-function LCD display;
  • one temperature sensor placed directly in the flow converter body;
  • automatical error flagging;
  • high accuracy corrosion-resistant flow converter ;
  • easily mounted;
  • instant data reading;
  • high-capacity batteries enabling undistrupted operation during the full legalisation period (minimum 6 years);

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