ECom Remote Reading System

ECom remote reading system enables remote reading of Picoflux AiR and  i_Flux water meters as well as SensoStar heat meters. The system combines high efficiency and convenience for both property owners and reading operators. The water meters and heat meters equipped with radio modules do not require any additional external elements, which facilitates their installation in tight spaces, e.g. building shafts. The ECom system is most often used in multi-family housing and office buildings in high population density locations.


Type of data transmission: ECom is a one-way radio communication protocol between water meters and reading devices. Communication is based on encrypted data transmission with a frequency of 868 MHz

Elements of the radio ECom system: Picoflux AiR / i_Flux water meters, SensoStar heat meters, Administrator software, AOA software, radio antenna type: RMK 600, computer and/or smartphone.

Advantages of ECom system

  • Remote reading of measurement data without the necessity to enter individual apartments
  • Time and money saving: very high reading efficiency
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use software that allows you to create any structure of premises and plan your own reading routes
  • One-way communication: water meters transmit information during readings
  • Reliability owing to elimination of human errors related to manual reading
  • Internal memory storing data from the last monthly readings
  • Compact and aesthetic appearance of the water meter
  • Integrated radio transmitter inside the hermetic register ensures full reconciliation of data between the water meter and the module

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