i_Flux water meter

i_Flux is an electronic residential single-jet water meter equipped with a radio module, which allows to read data remotely.


  • Remote reading of systems without the necessity to enter individual flats
  • Elimination of human errors taking place during manual reading
  • Internal memory storing up to 18 historical monthly readings
  • Fully reliable data reading
  • Leakage monitoring
  • Easy to integrate with existing AMR solutions

Safety is emphasized

The i_Flux water meter is equipped with internal systems detecting and registering reverse flow, maximum flow, external magnetic field manipulation attempt and physical tampering attempts. In case of such an event, the system generates logs in the appropriate error registers, which are then transmitted via radio directly to the administrator system.

Wireless M-Bus / OMS

The communication is based on the Open Metering System Standard (OMS). This standard is the only system definition in Europe which incorporates all media systems (water, heat, electricity, gas). OMS was developed by the industry to guarantee a future-proof communication standard and interoperability between all products on the market.

OMS products are offered by numerous manufacturers and can be combined easily.

Basic data

  • single-jet, dry-dial water meter
  • horizontal or vertical mounting position;
  • cold water T30, hot water T30/90;
  • environmental class B;
  • electromagnetic environment class E1;
  • register range: 9 999,999 m3;
  • minimum interval: 0,05 dm3;
  • accuracy class: R8OH / R5OV;
  • equipped with an integrated radio module;
  • MID approved;
  • Higenic approval.

i_Flux technical data

Nominal diameterQ3/Q1 R*Permanent flow rate (Q3)Mounting positionTemp. classOperating pressure MAPPressure loss ΔP at Q3LengthThread sizeWeightFlow disruption ratio
15402,5H/VT30; T30/9010/162580G 3/4 B0,40U0/D0
15801,6110G 3/4 B0,45
15802,5110G 3/4 B0,45
20802,5130G 1 B0,55
20804,0130G 1 B0,55

All data in accordance with EN ISO 14154 and MID certificate.

i_Flux radio module technical data

Communication typeOne-directional ECO-NETBi-directional ECO-WALK
Communication protocolWMbusR-Com
Radio transmission frequency868,95 MHz868,0 - 868,6 MHz
Radio transmitter strength12mW10μw - 12mW
Modulation type2-FSKModified FSK
Transmission speed100 kBd19,2 kBd

Data and events displayed on the meter’s screen and transmitted via radio

  • current usage in m3;
  • flow direction detection: forward/reverse;
  • reverse flow value;
  • signaling and logging of external magnetic field manipulation;
  • signaling and logging of physical disconnection of the register from the meter’s body;
  • 18 historical monthly usage values, programmable usage reading day;
  • maximum flow value;
  • leakage or installation malfunction indication;
  • battery replacement date indication;
  • radio status: standby / transmission in progress;
  • battery life indication;
  • remote configuration possibility (via radio) without the necessity to enter individual flats;

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